Learning the Arts of Combat

Lets know what is the best martial art style along with entkalkungsanlage

Despite there being a vast difference between professional martial arts and street fighting, you’ll find several martial arts styles which will teach you the self defense you need the fact that could be applied to the every day fight. The most effective martial arts for street fighting do not cover an extensive spectrum which will be full of any martial art on hand. Don’t be fooled by dozens of fighting styles films where you’ve to be black belt in taekwondo so as to defend yourself. That’s more of the martial art that’s focused on subject and katas as opposed to actually learning how to fight in a unforeseen scenario.


If you are intrigued in getting involved with a self defense class, then these are a number of the best fighting styles for street fighting that you need to think about registering for. These martial arts are selected on the grounds of the speed and simplicity of the skills themselves, and the usefulness of the techniques in a battle. The design focuses on sticks and knives, and it may be improvised with a few other items that you may find in your area when you are on the streets. It has helped the martial art to carry on to this day.

The artwork is generally passed on through members of the family and trained in informal sessions, which makes it hard to trace back the design to any source point. Above are a few videos that can help you understand the style better. Regardless of the name, this is in fact a Russian martial art that’s mainly focused on grappling. Since it’s a struggling art at its heart, it is essential the fact the fact the fact that you train your reflexes you respond rapidly to life threatening conditions, as well as training the methods on a daily basis. Vasili Oshchepkov and Viktor Spiridonov had both developed various arts that combined several styles from around the globe that eventually cross pollinated into what’s called the present day Sambo.

Check all 3 video if you’re intrigued in this martial art. Pencak Silat is an Indonesian design of fighting styles which were originally developed to combat the Dutch. What makes this style of fighting styles challenging is that you’ll find over 150 styles to select from, and finding the right one may take a bit of time as reduce the effectiveness of yourself defense. Some might concentrate on weapons, while some prefer to use struggling or strikes, so which makes it hard to generalize about the martial art altogether.

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The Perfect Car

In the modern word, a car is becoming a basic requirement for every family. I, like you, need a car to drive to work, drop kids to school, attend meetings, and even attend a sports classes like a dance and even martial arts classes. Before heading into any car dealer to purchase any, there is that question that we all ask ourselves.

Which is that car that will be suite our transportation needs, with a bill that we can manage?

To answer your question, I will take a look at the new cars for 2017 in this case i will firts look at the: Audi Q5, SUV, which I can confirm, is a car that you should be driving.

High fuel consumption is what many of us get scared before purchase; I can assure you that the Audi q5 SUV is one pocket-friendly ride. Running on either a 2.0 or 3.0 liters diesel engine, the motor can manage a high performance of 50 miles per gallon on a good road. In return, this reduces the usual cases of having your eyes fixed on the fuel gauge, in fear of running out.

The Quattro four-wheel drive system and a good body control system come as an added advantage when it comes to driving off-road. With that, the motor can manage a tight grip and therefore a solution for you if you like going out hiking with friends or family.

The car has unique features, such as the colorful leather seats makes it so luxurious and classy to compete with the likes of Range Rover Evoque, BMW x3, jaguar F-pace with the only difference being the cost of purchase in which the Audi q5 being lower. It is a bit smaller and compact when compared with its rivals making it a choice for you flashy car lovers. It comes in different colors.

Therefore, you can get to choose your favorite. 5-seater carrying capacity also makes it a ride that each homestead should own. You can manage to carry along your family and even friends while traveling without leaving anyone behind. Adjustable seats allow plenty of leg-room for everyone; therefore, you get to your destination still fresh.

The 2017 audi q5  has the biggest boots in its class. It can manage 540 liters when the back seats are still in place and up to 1560 liters when the back seats get folded. With this in place and a 300 horsepower engine, you don’t have to stress yourself in case you wish to ferry large luggage with you. Its firm state and suspensions that can handle bumps without and complication makes it an all road machine.

The Audi drive speed is perfect for you sports car lovers. The 2.0-litre engine is a very powerful car and can manage a mid-range pull from 0-62mph in only 8.4 seconds which is a super engine kick. A six-speed transmission allows a smooth and fast performance which best suits running your daily routine.

The Audi q5 is, therefore, a perfect cheap, perfect choice for you as it has that every specification that you go looking for in a car. It retails at about $40000/- therefore anyone can easily acquire.

How Options Trading Advisory Services Helped Me Jump Start My Business

I dreamt about opening my own martial arts school for a long time. An experienced martial artist myself, I wanted to spread the knowledge of martial arts and enable as many people as possible to have a place where they can learn to defend themselves, where they can find out more about the philosophy behind this inspiring and humble way of life.

But it was hard; I barely had the time for practice myself after spending most of my day working, let alone for gathering enough money to fulfill my life-long dream. I struggled, tried to earn the money, being kicked from many sides until I found a thing called options trading.

You see, you don’t have to trade stocks; there is another option of making money with stocks that is much easier, less stressful and less time-consuming. An options trading is also less risky because you don’t have to actually buy the stock; you just need to buy a call option which you can sell any time before the option expires. Yes, I know that all that sounds menacing and confusing but that’s were top rated option trading service come in.

Options trading can be complicated, and not many people have the free time needed to get familiar with tools of the trade. With options trading advisory services, trading options is possible for everyone that has the will to try it. I tried it, and now I’m the proud owner of my own Martial Arts school, having all the time in the world to do the one thing I love; to teach kids martial arts, making them better, both physically and mentally.

I have to get a little bit boring now, just in order to explain to you how this awesome thing works. As I said before, options trading is not the same thing as stock trading.

When trading stocks, you have to buy option as soon as it reaches a strike price. The strike price is in simple words the price that is a part of the contract you get when applying to buy a stock, and when the stock reaches the strike price you are in obligation to buy it. With options trading, this doesn’t happen. When buying a put option, you can buy the stock, but are not in obligation to do it, not even if the option is expiring. The same thing goes when you write a call; you don’t have to sell it unless the stock reaches the price you that consider well enough for selling. Isn’t that much better than trading stocks?

And with options trading advisory services the whole process is as streamlined as it could be. You invest a certain amount of money and then spend it any if you want. The same thing happens when selling, you don’t have to sell and option unless you want to.
I was a little bit skeptical about all that, but then I said to myself the famous sentence “he who dares wins.” And a miracle happened. In just a few months I gathered enough money to finally open my own martial arts school. On top of that, I now have all the money I need. I’m not tied to my everyday work anymore, having all the free time in the world do practice martial arts. Options trading advisory services helped me enormously and I know that they can help you, just try them out and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

6 Helpful Tips to Improve Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Skills

Are you interested in learning martial arts? If so, then you should certainly consider learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). It’s definitely one of the most interesting ones to master. Here are some helpful tips for training in BJJ:

Tip #1: Do positional training/sparring

It’s important that you do such training/sparring as soon as you learn any new Jiu Jitsu position. It’s important to take this step even if the position isn’t one of your top ones. The reason is that you can still add it to your arsenal, which will ultimately improve your BJJ skills.

Tip #2: Master at least one Jiu Jitsu move during each class

If you can learn more than Jiu Jitsu one, that’s definitely okay. However, what’s important is that you don’t just learn a particular BJJ move, but you should be able to implement it perfectly. This will give you another weapon to use in your next BJJ match. It’s not enough just go to your every class. Instead, you should try to master a move at every class, regardless of whether it’s for offense or defense, etc.

Tip #3: Study outside class via videos, etc.

Many Jiu Jitsu instructors actually argue that this isn’t an effective training technique. The main reason is that while there’s a ton of training videos out there, many of them aren’t worth watching, and could actually worsen your technique. That’s okay. What’s important is to find quality videos that will boost your BJJ skills.

Tip #4: Compete as often as possible

There’s nothing like the experience of participating in competitions. There’s simply no substitute! It’s highly advisable that you sign up for Jui Jitsu competitions as early as possible, even if you’re a white belt. The reason is that in theory you’ll never be “ready” for your first competition.

What’s critical is that you be in a truly competitive environment. This will allow you to gauge the strong and weak aspects of your BJJ skills. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. But what’s most important is that you experience a formal competition, and keep improving your martial arts skills.

Tip #5: Always do warm-ups and cool-downs

As with any other martial art, it’s critical that you do warm-ups and cool-downs before and after every Jiu Jitsu training session. This will help to loosen up your muscles, and prevent injuries as well. It only takes about 5-10 minutes, and is definitely worth doing since it will improve your BJJ skills

Tip #6: Train consistently

This is one of the most important methods for improving your BJJ skills. This isn’t to say that you have to train 24-7. In fact, taking a break during training and even a whole day to recover is OK. However, you should certainly go to your BJJ class, and at least twice weekly. It will be tough. There will be days that you’ll be exhausted and perhaps even give up. However, if you keep at it, you’ll be able to improve your skills, and within time that will lead to victories.

How to Learn Martial Arts Effectively

Many people have tried martial arts and few have succeeded simply because they are lack of motivation. This made them unsuccessful from several trainings and practices, so if you want to make your trainings worth the time and effort. Then, you should start training yourself with motivation because training oneself doesn’t work without passion and determination. But first, you might want to answer these following questions and you might know for yourself, why people get unsuccessful with their trainings:

Do you love what you do?

When you love what you do today or in trainings, you definitely love to succeed with this. But if you just adore it, train yourself to beat other person and to know how to self-defense. Then, it means you just love the reason of doing it or the achievement you want to get and not to understand what it really means.

Are you passionate with your training?

Each training is a new journey to understand martial arts and not just to attend to learn to do it. People who gets success are those people who love what they do and passionate in every way, so try to find it within you.

Do you get inspired with your bruises?

Have you ever felt the feeling of being happy with the bruises or body pain that you have? If yes, it means that you are into it and that you love what you have learned. If not, then you are not happy with what you do and you might want to start learning to understand how you really feel about martial arts. Now ask yourself, “Do you feel inspired with your bruises or body pain?”

Do you feel like skipping from trainings, even just once?

Have you ever planned or think that you want to skip the training, even just once? Was your answer reasonable? If you planned to skipped or have done skipping trainings, then you are not really into it and don’t have the passion to do it. Reasons can defy what you truly feel, so be cautious about it because this is one of the keys to enlightening yourself.

Do you feel the urge to learn more?

The urge to learn more signifies that you are excited to open the next chapter of learning. If you feel the eagerness to learn more, then this means you are interested with it but that doesn’t yet mean that you are passionate.

After you have answered all those questions, you will be able to know what you really feel about martial arts and how you are passionate about it. Sometimes, you just need to step back, take time to understand yourself, pause and be able to train with passion effectively.

The only way to reach that is by knowing how determined and passionate you are with what you do. If you think that you are providing less motivation, then do more and you will reach success and the best thing is? It is easier now because you are cautious with what you do and understand your passion in martial arts.

Meditation and Martial Arts: Connecting the Body with the Mind

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It’s only been recently that people have finally attached a name to this practice. For some people, meditation allows for a person to become closer to their spirituality or God. Many others use it as a way to calm their mind and to focus on the matter at hand. This enables a person to perform a task without distractions and being blinded by emotions. It is well known that the top Samurai warriors often completed an intense period of meditation and self-awareness development.
Without having undergone such extensive training, many of the samurais wouldn’t have been successful warriors and we wouldn’t hold samurais in such high regard like we do today. Many of the martial art forms require meditation as a foundation before the student can move forward with his or her studies.

Martial arts offers a variety of health benefits to the user. Most people assume that only physical benefits are gained while practicing martial arts. The most common benefit that people are accustomed to seeing, is the ability to defend oneself in dangerous circumstances. By doing this students see an increase in their level of confidence by knowing they are learning how to defend themselves. While this is one of the key benefits, an amazing process is happening within. Their flexibility slowly increases, strength improves, and their speed is influenced directly as a result. After repeating the numerous exercises that martial arts requires, their motion and flexibility improves remarkably. On top of gaining or improving muscle tone, some students also see a dramatic drop in weight as well.

These results are often un-expected and are very rewarding! Other than having amazing benefits for the body, martial arts is extremely beneficial for the development of the mind and spirit. Martial arts requires extreme focus and self-discipline to become successful. While you’re training hard, you reach a point where you slowly start to feel like you’re leaving the world behind. You’re entering an alternate universe. This feeling is a natural high that is created solely on adrenaline you’re releasing while enjoying doing something you’re passionate about.
Even if you’ve had a rough day, you’ll find that a challenging workout can stimulate the senses and make you feel accomplished. The next time you experience a downer or are in a bad mood, consider doing a brief but brisk workout. I guarantee your mood has improved significantly and you feel like you can take on the world.

For those people who have a lack of or poor co-ordination, martial arts will benefit you greatly. There are not many activities that make it possible for a person to work both sides of their body evenly. Most of the exercises require frequent repetition on both sides of the body.
This prevents a person from having only one dominant side of the body. When you’re working both sides of the body effectively, each side is equally strong. Basketball and baseball players are notorious for being “one handed” sports. Many of these sports players have a favorite hand that they’re more comfortable with using to play these demanding sports. These players often lack strength in their non-dominant hands. This problem can easily be remedied by taking martial arts classes.


Bowling and golf will strengthen one side of the body, but martial arts benefits the body as a whole and even improves mental focus. In a high quality martial arts class, your whole body will typically get a very thorough workout. It doesn’t matter which style of martial arts you choose to practice, any of the styles will enhance your bodily strength and improve the connection your mind has with your body and spirit. While a great many of the benefits seem to be particularly just for the body, there’s so many benefits for the emotional and mental health of the body. In fact, martial arts is considered to be a form of meditation for some. Concentration is key to succeed, and in order to succeed, you need to be able to shut off everyday distractions and focus and center yourself.

This focus and becoming accustomed to centering oneself takes months and even years to develop. It’s not something that is accomplished overnight. Many of the martial arts styles cannot be completed thoroughly unless you completely train and calm your mind. Rather than taking separate classes such as yoga and meditation classes, why not combine all the benefits of yoga and meditation with a powerful and useful skill that is beneficial to the whole body. You’ll obtain the same peaceful and relaxed demeanor as you would if you were taking a successful yoga class, but you’ll also gain muscle tone, lose weight, and watch your confidence surge forward.

Other Benefits
Among the other benefits, martial arts seemingly blends the art of meditation and self- defense into one sport. Around the world, people are reporting feeling depressed and even disconnected from the people and the world around them. Humans are naturally social creatures and when many of today’s modern inventions have been mostly aimed at creating ways to communicate without seeing face to face, it creates a solid wall between humans. Phones, computers, and tablets have replaced most forms of the physical contact that a human being craves and needs. Perhaps if people made a transition from their technological gadgets into the amazing art of martial arts, they would feel less disconnected and more alive. You may even find that everyday problems that would distress you may no longer bother you as much, you may even feel more secure being able to think of effective solutions.

After you implement martial arts and meditation into your life, suddenly the world seems a lot less intimidating when you have the ability to think with complete clarity and without the static of the rest of the world to distract you from your own private thoughts.

How the Book of the Five Rings Applies to Businesses

The legendary text of The Book of the Five Rings is written by a master swordsman and artist who was known as Miyamoto Musashi. During the Kyoto Renaissance, the swordsman traveled around Japan in search of self-discovery and to learn the many styles of Martial Arts. During his travels, he studied under the careful and wise guidance of his many teachers and leaders. From his lessons, he only adapted methods that were efficient and effective. All others, he disposed of. This particular preference of his led him to 60 battles, all of which where he was victorious.

Perhaps sensing his own end due to a disease, he decided to be purified on October 10, 1643. This led him into yet another journey where he climbed the Mount Iwato to retreat and write his ponderings for anyone willing to listen. The book of Five Rings was born out of passion and the desire to lead strong warriors who were looking for advice.

The book offers much advice that applied in the ancient ages and still applies in this modern and complicated world. The book of the Five Rings is so effective in its teachings and wisdom, it’s a required text reading at the famous Harvard College. This text while difficult to understand for some, offers many useful words for every facet of life. While many of the students or readers who choose to read this text may not be waging battles against the same foes of Miyamato Musashi, the principles are still the same. Below you will find various influential lines from the book of the Five Rings.


Find anyway to visualize your success with any amount of resources available to you, even if the resources seem un-related or are scarce.

Be sure you train enough to be able to use your developed skills anytime the situation calls for them. Make sure you train constantly. Your training is never finished and you are always growing.

By constantly educating yourself and using your knowledge, you will be miles ahead of your enemies and competitors.

How to Use This Method

  • Any thoughts you have should be without dishonesty.
  • Keep yourself grounded in the facts.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one method or study. Constantly broaden your horizons and educate yourself. When you’re done with that, re- educate yourself. You are never done learning.
  • Be aware and educated in all occupations in life.
  • Know the pros and cons to everything.
  • It’s important to have a sharp eye for detail and pay attention to the big picture rather than just a small detail in the big picture.
  • Learn how to see beyond deception.
  • Understand that there is more than what meets the eye.
  • Avoid impractical matters or methods. This means doing away with methods or strategies that don’t serve you well.
  • Constant practicing of your trade/passion will produce finesse results.
  • When practicing martial arts, you become almost super human. Constant and methodical practice in the martial arts will teach you how to be effective, strong, and lethal in the results you deliver.
  • To achieve the results you desire, you can’t take short cuts and cheat yourself in any way. To achieve the results you’re looking for, it requires time, patience and dedication.
  • When handling the sword in an ill frame of mind, the results will be poor or disastrous. You cannot win with roughness.
  • Know the truth of the matter. Do not lose yourself in the details or be overwhelmed by information overload. Keep yourself composed no matter what.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of sticking to one and only one method. By doing so, you’re becoming narrow minded and closing the door to opportunities to learn and be enlightened. Always keep an open mind but throw away whatever doesn’t work for you.
  • When paying attention to failings and winnings, watch for patterns. Identify these patterns and use them to your advantage.
  • Don’t trouble yourself over small trivial matters. These are a waste of time and your time is better of spent towards something much more beneficial to you, your life, or your business.
  • Think outside the box. If you’re thinking of a specific strategy, who’s to say your opponent isn’t? This is a waste of time. Think outside the box and go against the grain of things.
  • Don’t attempt to become a jack of all trades. You’ll lose yourself in all the details and it’s not possible to remember every little thing that is required for each of the trades. Instead, master a trade and stick to it. Continue to educate yourself so you can be seen as the master or expert of that trade. People will be more impressed if you’re a legitimate expert in one trade instead of claiming to be a jack of all trades and producing sloppy results.

These are some of the key points that this master swordsman left behind for his students. If one is to be successful in unraveling his hidden meanings, the student needs to have an open mind and find ways to apply Musashi’s philosophy to every aspect of their life. For a business person, this includes the health and development of their business.

A lot of the sayings and teachings of Musashi left behind were metaphorical. It’s up to the individual student or business owner to determine how each individual meaning is perceived and relates to the business. For instance:

If you wish to control others you must first control yourself” 

In order to be influential to others, you need to be well educated in your strategy or trade. You need to be self-disciplined so you can reflect this quality into the others around you.

And another:

“Know your enemy, know his sword.” 

If you want to defeat your opponent, know his strategy and where he/she is coming from. In order to know your enemy and your enemy’s fighting style, you need to educate yourself. Only by educating yourself on your enemy will you have an edge and be victorious.

The Role Self Control Plays In Martial Arts

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the mind and spirit of an effective warrior? A widely held misconception is the martial artist is an aggressive person trained in the ancient arts who is constantly looking to engage in a battle. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A real martial artist will have learned how to conquer most conflicts with a peaceful and stable mind. Aggression should be avoid at all costs, only when the serene and peaceful nature is in-effective, should they utilize more aggressive means.

A Little History On the Incredible Warriors Who Started It All

Despite being a capable and potent fighter, the very best warriors are the ones who are calm and focus minded. These warriors didn’t get this way overnight. It takes many months and even years of dedication in order to find quietness and stillness in one’s mind. The evidence lies in ancient history. Some of the most capable and awe inspiring warriors were the Samurais. These people were over achievers based on a time when strength, honor, courage and even respect were held in high regards.

These traits surfaced due to the large influx of teachings based on Buddhism, Confucianism, and the practice of Zen. Combining all three of these important philosophies produced a code in which all Samurais abided by. It became known as the Bushido. The most primary influence was Zen. This helped the Samurai navigate the fear of death. How was this accomplished? Zen taught the warriors that it was honorable to accept his fate and that nothing could change what life had in store for that particular warrior. Rather than concern themselves over when their last breath would be, they realized that life would be much more fulfilling if they lived each day to its fullest. The Samurai did not see death as a horrible fate. Instead, they accepted this responsibility with honor.

The Samurai’s purpose in life was to fulfill his duty to protect and serve others. Much like our modern day soldiers. It is because of this lack of fear of dying, they were effective and potent fighting machines. The same psychology that applied then still applies today to all modern warriors: Self Control is of utmost importance. Without self-control, you will likely fail as a warrior. This applies to all manners of fighting or combat. If you want to be victorious in battle, you need to keep your composure and never lose your cool. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you lost the battle with yourself and your opponent.

The best fighters in the world are self-disciplined and are able to separate their emotions from their thoughts. This allows them to be able to read their opponents thoughts often moments before they even occur!

Qualities That Distinguish Seasoned Martial Artists from the Others

A seasoned and well trained Martial Artist will have undergone many months and years of training. They didn’t just undergo combat training, they went on a long journey to find themselves along the way. Many hours of self-discipline made them who they are today: An effective warrior who will always try to use more peaceful measures when faced with conflict, but have no problem using more forceful methods should the situation call for it. One might also ask what other qualities make the seasoned warrior distinguishable next to the newbie or fraud? Meditation




It’s very important for a warrior to keep a strong and quiet mind. When faced with conflict, a million thoughts may go through their minds. It is imperative that they learn to quiet this noise and distraction and focus at the task at hand.


A warrior may not be completely fearless of possibilities, but it’s very important that they understand how to push those fears aside and show courage. Fears slow people down and prevent people from doing a lot of things. Fears also make you weak and susceptible to attacks.


It can be argued that the most lethal of warriors are the strongest. This isn’t necessarily true. A real warrior will have acquired extreme focus from their teachings. This focus is necessary for being able to not get lost in the surroundings around them. If you can keep focused on your enemy while engaging in combat, this will enable you to time and determine when it’s best to strike. This saves energy and stamina. This would also rule out the theory that you need to be extremely strong to pass as a martial artist.


The fraud or wannabe martial artist may engage in any kind of conflict or battle simply to show off. The real warrior has the self-discipline to realize this is ridiculous and should be avoided at all costs. If approached by an opponent attempting to engage them, they will avoid the conflict as much as possible and use the least amount of force possible. The fraud will be all too happy to get into a lethal match just to show off to their peers. This is childish at best.

These qualities should be the standard that every martial artist holds themselves to regardless of circumstances and the length of their training! Newbies can stand to learn a lot from their wiser and disciplined mentors. Nothing is gained when actively seeking out situations in which to engage in battles. The only thing that grows in this situation is the ego. Martial arts in its purest form does not foster the growth of the ego. The martial arts is not a sport or way of life that is designed to boost or flatter an ego. Egos are notorious for causing problems and getting in the way of better judgment. It’s highly encouraged to do away with an ego if you’re really serious about being a martial artist. Only then, can the wisdom of your wiser peers be imparted onto you.

Power Up your Martial Arts


To achieve your goals and reach your potential in martial arts, we need to work as one with your mind, body and soul, to be able to understand a little more indepth that connection we will relive a bit of history.

We can not know with certainty when the martial arts originated, if we can say that for thousands and millions of years this practice have been used by different cultures and civilizations around the world, some scouts have managed to keep their tracks through some Egyptian hieroglyphs. We can speak from illustrations of tombs in Egypt to what we know of the battles of Greeks and Romans, where his focus was more towards strength and survival. In Asia we know where battles and struggles began combining martial arts with Taoist methods or Zen Buddhism among other practices, unifying the different styles with integral work for who practices through a philosophy.

Countless are the different practices that exist today but their philosophy takes us far beyond the art of war into a fight with integrity to their philosophies, which has the most power, respect, discipline, patience and more. They are ancient martial arts that have evolved unifying body and spirit. It is important to train the body of one who practices martial arts to strengthen physical abilities, increase flexibility and endurance, this work would enhance your body’s balance, strength and speed giving you greater physical performance in your practice.

Working your mind will help you create your character, to have confidence in yourself, during your practice it will help to self discipline you, to relax, to unify body and mind also you will know your own limits when training or during a combat to respect the rules and control your impulses. The soul or spirit is the perfect complement, there is the purpose, from there we channel all the negative energy and transform it to calm and respect for you, your opponent and the philosophy of the martial art you practice. In unity there is strength, and all these elements are part of who we are as human beings, martial arts are not just defense capabilities it goes beyond this story and giving it the right purpose you will fulfill your goals in your discipline.