In the modern word, a car is becoming a basic requirement for every family. I, like you, need a car to drive to work, drop kids to school, attend meetings, and even attend a sports classes like a dance and even martial arts classes. Before heading into any car dealer to purchase any, there is that question that we all ask ourselves.

Which is that car that will be suite our transportation needs, with a bill that we can manage?

To answer your question, I will take a look at the new cars for 2017 in this case i will firts look at the: Audi Q5, SUV, which I can confirm, is a car that you should be driving.

High fuel consumption is what many of us get scared before purchase; I can assure you that the Audi q5 SUV is one pocket-friendly ride. Running on either a 2.0 or 3.0 liters diesel engine, the motor can manage a high performance of 50 miles per gallon on a good road. In return, this reduces the usual cases of having your eyes fixed on the fuel gauge, in fear of running out.

The Quattro four-wheel drive system and a good body control system come as an added advantage when it comes to driving off-road. With that, the motor can manage a tight grip and therefore a solution for you if you like going out hiking with friends or family.

The car has unique features, such as the colorful leather seats makes it so luxurious and classy to compete with the likes of Range Rover Evoque, BMW x3, jaguar F-pace with the only difference being the cost of purchase in which the Audi q5 being lower. It is a bit smaller and compact when compared with its rivals making it a choice for you flashy car lovers. It comes in different colors.

Therefore, you can get to choose your favorite. 5-seater carrying capacity also makes it a ride that each homestead should own. You can manage to carry along your family and even friends while traveling without leaving anyone behind. Adjustable seats allow plenty of leg-room for everyone; therefore, you get to your destination still fresh.

The 2017 audi q5  has the biggest boots in its class. It can manage 540 liters when the back seats are still in place and up to 1560 liters when the back seats get folded. With this in place and a 300 horsepower engine, you don’t have to stress yourself in case you wish to ferry large luggage with you. Its firm state and suspensions that can handle bumps without and complication makes it an all road machine.

The Audi drive speed is perfect for you sports car lovers. The 2.0-litre engine is a very powerful car and can manage a mid-range pull from 0-62mph in only 8.4 seconds which is a super engine kick. A six-speed transmission allows a smooth and fast performance which best suits running your daily routine.

The Audi q5 is, therefore, a perfect cheap, perfect choice for you as it has that every specification that you go looking for in a car. It retails at about $40000/- therefore anyone can easily acquire.