Many people have tried martial arts and few have succeeded simply because they are lack of motivation. This made them unsuccessful from several trainings and practices, so if you want to make your trainings worth the time and effort. Then, you should start training yourself with motivation because training oneself doesn’t work without passion and determination. But first, you might want to answer these following questions and you might know for yourself, why people get unsuccessful with their trainings:

Do you love what you do?

When you love what you do today or in trainings, you definitely love to succeed with this. But if you just adore it, train yourself to beat other person and to know how to self-defense. Then, it means you just love the reason of doing it or the achievement you want to get and not to understand what it really means.

Are you passionate with your training?

Each training is a new journey to understand martial arts and not just to attend to learn to do it. People who gets success are those people who love what they do and passionate in every way, so try to find it within you.

Do you get inspired with your bruises?

Have you ever felt the feeling of being happy with the bruises or body pain that you have? If yes, it means that you are into it and that you love what you have learned. If not, then you are not happy with what you do and you might want to start learning to understand how you really feel about martial arts. Now ask yourself, “Do you feel inspired with your bruises or body pain?”

Do you feel like skipping from trainings, even just once?

Have you ever planned or think that you want to skip the training, even just once? Was your answer reasonable? If you planned to skipped or have done skipping trainings, then you are not really into it and don’t have the passion to do it. Reasons can defy what you truly feel, so be cautious about it because this is one of the keys to enlightening yourself.

Do you feel the urge to learn more?

The urge to learn more signifies that you are excited to open the next chapter of learning. If you feel the eagerness to learn more, then this means you are interested with it but that doesn’t yet mean that you are passionate.

After you have answered all those questions, you will be able to know what you really feel about martial arts and how you are passionate about it. Sometimes, you just need to step back, take time to understand yourself, pause and be able to train with passion effectively.

The only way to reach that is by knowing how determined and passionate you are with what you do. If you think that you are providing less motivation, then do more and you will reach success and the best thing is? It is easier now because you are cautious with what you do and understand your passion in martial arts.